The Unlocking Strengths™ program highlights the value of strengths-based development in growing and retaining high-potential talent. BRANDspeak’s propriety methodology and easy-to-adopt tools can be incorporated into an organization’s existing people development and performance management processes. 

This approach uncovers how strengths can unlock growth in priority-areas-for-development and accelerate skill-building. While many organizations document areas of strength, few use the process of linking specific strengths to accelerate growth against critical development areas. That is what is unique and powerful about this talent development methodology. This concept is both practical and aspirational, engendering high-engagement and most importantly accelerated development. 

Participants learn how to develop a Strengths Inventory™, pinpoint Priority Development Goals, as well as get hands-on experience creating these powerful Linkages. The interactive workshop provides opportunities to apply the concept to oneself, individual team members and full teams.