I’ve been working with one of their executive coaches for the last few years and consider it the single best professional development experience of my entire career.

– D.A., Chief Executive Officer

I met with my Division Head last week, in which he congratulated me on my performance trajectory and asked for my insight on what the “unlock” for me was.  I told him that more than anything my coaching sessions with BRANDspeak were pivotal in shifting my mindset and helping me transition into how to think and act in a manner befitting of my leadership role.

– C.F., Vice President

I wanted to just say thank you for putting together the session we had today. The day was spectacular, and it exceeded my expectations for new insight, relevant content and really great engagement. I know you have spent a lot of time thinking this through and it really showed. Outstanding job!

 – M.K., Senior Vice President

I wanted to let you know that I heard today that my office is going to put me up for partnership. I wanted to thank you for the coaching to get me where I am today. You gave me the tools and a good kick in the butt to get there. Much appreciated.

– A.B., Partner

It was extremely valuable for me to be able to work with you on the presentation prep – going through key messages, working on the intro, having a strong close, tying together the messages throughout.  Fantastic!

– L.D., Chief Executive Officer

I just wanted to thank you again for a great session on Friday- it was truly one of the best we have had of this kind.  I’ve been thinking about what distinguished yours from others, and I believe it is that you were able to connect everyone in the room to create a sense of community.

– D.B., Executive Vice President

The work we did together really gave me the confidence and direction I needed to lead from the front in a way that has felt very genuine and authentic. When I think back to how low I was feeling when you and I first began working together, never did I think that this would be possible within such a short period of time. I am so grateful for all of your support and guidance.

– L.D., Vice President

I have truly enjoyed working with you and the rest of the BRANDspeak team.  Your coaching programs and training programs have been the jewels in our office’s training crown.

– J.K., Head of Learning & Development

Without this program, I doubt I would have made such a professional leap forward. Its methods have the ability to accelerate development at any level.

 – D.G., Senior Partner

You gave me the tools to start chiseling successfully away at long-standing barriers.  I appreciated your advice, support, and thought partnership.  You made a huge difference in my career.

– S.L., Senior Director

Just wanted to let you know that I had several people stop by my office unprompted to say they thought today’s training was exceptional (maybe the best they had at our company). Kudos!

 – M.M., Learning & Development Manager

I just wanted to say a big thank YOU for enabling and driving the leadership team engagement on this important topic. The information provided, the facilitation, the questions raised were exactly what was needed in driving the terrific discussions and with lots of head-nodding. Look forward to driving forward this very important set of changes.

– A.M., Senior Partner

I just had to send you a brief note to tell you that you have been the “angel” on my shoulder the last few days. I found myself in situations that would have caused a great deal of stress before I had worked with you. However, I navigated staying calm and confident about how to proceed. What would have caused a loss of sleep and added stress turned into routine matters that were managed without crisis. You have truly changed the way I work!

– R.G., Executive Director

We had TERRIFIC feedback on your session. Lots of comments about how impactful it was, how much they learned in such a short amount of time, and how it was such an interesting departure from our past programming. Overall, a great success!

– L.J., Regional Managing Partner

Thank you again for facilitating the session! We got fantastic feedback from the group – really positive comments about how much they learned, how effective it was to do this type of session as a cohort, and how interesting the content was.

– R.H., Chief Information Officer

I can’t thank you enough for your coaching. It remains the best professional training I’ve ever experienced. I continue to review my notes and put it into practice!  

– S.S., Project Leader

Thank you for leading us to and through a productive session yesterday.  Your calm, professional, empathic approach led to a pretty easy opening of the flood gates.  And your willingness to abandon the plan when it was clear we were ready to jump in was masterful.

– B.H., Chairman of the Board

I hit all my lines. Tonight was, bases loaded a grand slam. More importantly, my stakeholders were thrilled. Thank you!

– M.S., President

Thanks for the great training session that you put on today.  I learned an incredible amount about communication by watching your communication styles, digesting the insightful key pillars, and observing the discussions and presentations delivered by my colleagues.  Your ability to bring out the best in me and my peers is truly commendable, and it made the experience thoroughly enjoyable.

– B.S., Management Consultant