The Communication Effectiveness workshop offers a new and unique paradigm of communication effectiveness for leaders; shifting from a single, preferred style archetype to developing an effective range of communication skills required for success in today’s business world. Understanding and leveraging different approaches enables participants to maximize effectiveness in every interaction and with every audience. 

To make this concept of ‘effective range’ actionable, we break it down into the five dimensions required to achieve, with specific skills and examples aligned with each dimension. There is an upfront plenary portion of the training to root the participants in the framework, followed by interactive breakouts to cement the learning points and create individualized action plans.

The five dimensions of communication range include:

  • Delivering tough messages

  • Landing a point of view

  • Taking the floor

  • Facilitating 2 way dialogues

  • Building trust and connectivity

The training includes a diagnostic self-assessment to pinpoint communication strengths and gaps that exist in one’s communication skill set, a multi-dimensional coaching toolkit for practical application, and an action planning tool to establish a game-plan and monitor progress. Participants walk away armed to apply this unique Communication Effectiveness approach to themselves and with their team members.