Marcia Thomsen,
Executive Director

As a business executive for more than 20 years, Marcia Thomsen came to BRANDspeak in 2009 with a keen understanding of developing a pipeline of emerging leaders. Over the course of Marcia’s extensive experience at Fortune 500 companies, she has held numerous senior executive positions, which includes leading a $400 million organization with 16,000 employees.

Since joining BRANDspeak, Marcia has been instrumental in broadening the firm’s curriculum in both individual coaching and group training programs. A fervent advocate of people development, Marcia learned firsthand how impactful the proper training intervention can be to growing executive capability. As a fast tracked, young executive, her participation in top leadership development programs had a transformative impact on her own professional success, as it opened-up new ways of thinking, interacting and leading. This created a lifelong passion for personal growth and a commitment to mentor others to achieve balance, power, autonomy and success in all the chosen areas of their lives.

Marcia is active in community and civic groups, including serving on several non-profit Boards with special interest in serving refugees, families in crisis and mentoring elementary school students in reading. She is a graduate of University of Missouri School of Journalism. She and her husband reside in Chicago and have two children.