The Executive Coaching Program is a comprehensive coaching program focused on developing leadership ‘soft skills’ required of today’s top executives. BRANDspeak’s proprietary methodology helps each client uncover their full complement of strengths, and how to leverage these strengths to propel professional growth and achieve career goals.

Coaching sessions are focused on real time opportunities that exist within our clients’ existing roles to ensure practical application of newly acquired skills. The process includes Stakeholder Input interviews, an in-depth Self-Assessment, crafting Career Development Objectives, a Strengths Inventory, on-going preparation for application of new skills, the development of a Personal Branding strategy and more.

While each Executive Coaching Program is highly customized, some common focal points in working with our clients are:

  • Elevating leadership communication & presence

  • Increasing self-awareness and perspective-taking

  • Developing emotional & social Intelligence

  • Building & leading high performing teams

  • Self-management of fragmentation; syncing time to highest priorities

  • Unlocking and advancing team talent

  • Building a compelling personal brand

  • Developing followership

  • Effectively teaming across one’s organization

  • Advancing stakeholder relationships

The coaching programs leverage a variety of BRANDspeak’s proprietary methodologies and tools including our strengths-based development methodology, Unlocking Strengths: How Leaders Accelerate Performance, our Communication Effectiveness Diagnostic & Coaching toolkit and our Performance Enhancing Relationships framework.